Gas Surveyor 700

Utilising the latest infrared gas detection technology in a robust and reliable design, the Gasurveyor 700 (GS700) is a highly configurable instrument with leading performance and a user-friendly interface which makes it the perfect choice for all gas utility applications. Ensuring compliance Intelligent data-logging functionality together with optional GPS mapping simplifies data gathering. Our Instrument Management System improves fleet management by providing access to field usage reports, calibration history, investigation mapping and many other bespoke reports; making it easier for our customers to demonstrate compliance. Natural gas discrimination Quickly determines the source of gas leaks, whether it’s pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas; saving valuable time and reducing detection related costs. Flexible configuration The GS700 can be configured to meet specific application needs and can be customised to suit a range of user requirements, settings and languages. Application ready Highly configurable to our customers’ gas detection needs, providing flexibility of use without compromising on performance.

Application modes include:

• Gas Leak Outdoors

• Purge • Search

• Barhole

• Confined Space

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